Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Halfway There

We have snacks at the office-- nothing fancy, but there's a good assortment of crackers, chips and granola bars. And apparently we also have someone at the office watching their weight, because half-eaten packets of food keep showing up in the snack basket. And someone, fed up with these rejected bags of partially handled comestibles, put up a sign... a warrant if you will, for "The Half Bandit", wanted for the crime of eating half of something and putting it back-- like anyone else would want it. This sign was seen as universally clever and stayed fixed to the cupboard door for several weeks. And today, I went to the kitchen for a coffee and found this:
Whoever ripped that sign in half... please be my friend?

1 comment:

Simon said...

You have TWO clever people at work! That is SO clever it took me a minute to get it. I hope you get to find out who did it and report back.