Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Checking In

In case you wondered how Meridian: The Original Alpaca is doing, he is as handsome as ever.

His profile is still very distinguished.

And he has a healthy appetite:

My sister tells me one of her coworkers recently started an alpaca farm out of the blue. I anticipate this happening to me someday. I imagine it is like waking up one morning and realizing that everything is now clear. All the things you thought you wanted were just nonsense. What do you really need in life? To have a good-tempered and huggable alpaca nearby at all times. That is all. That, and maybe a capybara, a tiny house, and a snap-bracelet watch. Nothing else matters.


Anonymous said...

So cute. Still wearing pantaloons, though? It was not clear from the pictures.

Simon said...

Yes, still wearing pantaloons. I guess fashion among the alpacas doesn't change quickly.

Anonymous said...

That's good to know. Fashion can be so fickle, but classic looks - like pantaloons - are good forever.