Wednesday, March 07, 2012


A few years ago, I bought a couple of platters. They are very cheap plastic, coated with silver paint or what you coat plates with. They're extremely plain and rather poor quality. It turned out I didn't need them for the thing I bought them for, and I've never needed them since. Every time I've thought, "Oh, maybe I can use those cheapo silver platters for this," they don't work for some reason. It has happened so often that I've only ever washed one of them, and never inspected the other. Well, I went through this whole process again this week, and I thought I might need both, so I got them down from above the fridge, and finally washed the second one. When I turned it over, I saw this curious statement printed on the back:

Oops! My mistake! When I bought this platter, I thought it was a platter. But apparently it's a plastic silver disc for decorative use only. The kicker is, this helpful warning isn't printed on the back of the other one, so I could have poisoned all of my friends and family by serving them cookies off of something platter-shaped that wasn't really a platter. What would possess a company to manufacture a serving dish that can't be used as a serving dish? Not to mention that I find it hard to believe that eating off of this would hurt you. My desk isn't a serving dish either, but I bet if I ate spaghetti directly off of it, I wouldn't suffer any ill effects. What is this platter made of that makes it so specifically unsuitable for food? Plasticized arsenic?

Fortunately for me, the same thing happened that always happens: I realized in the end that I didn't need them anyway. I think this time I might just throw them out. I have no decorative needs requiring two plastic silver discs.

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Anonymous said...

That is actually very funny - in a highly ironic way.