Friday, March 09, 2012

Yarn Bomb

When I went to one of our local libraries recently, I saw this on the way in:

Since I try to take oddities in stride -- that, or I'm a bit slow -- I said to myself, "Oh, what a nice pole-warmer for that lamp post," and went on my merry way.

But then I saw that there were also tree-trunk warmers. In fact, everything had a warmer. And the book return had a very large hat and scarf. For a moment I wondered whether I was about to be picked up by someone's hijacked Infinite Improbability Drive and turned into a yarn creature.

After the book return was sorted into Ravenclaw, I noticed something intriguing behind it -- something of a slightly higher quality that the simple tubes covering everything in the vicinity that a tube can be made to cover. It was a very impressive feat of knitting.

I later happened upon the library's website and saw that they had been yarn-bombed. I am not clear as to the purpose or advantage of yarn-bombing, particularly when it seems to involve mainly putting tubes on things, but the Alice in Wonderland lamp post cover was so remarkably excellent that I made a special trip back with my camera just so you could all admire it. Well done, knitters!

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