Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going North on 96

My good friend The Clergy spent a few weeks in Ithaca this summer, and I went to visit her in June. I didn't take many pictures actually in Ithaca, but I took a number on the way back. It's a nice drive, especially in late June, when long stretches of 96 are lined with tiger lilies. Interestingly, short stretches of 96 are lined with peculiar statues, including two of the same cow, one on top of a restaurant:

cow on house

This one is painted more creatively, but don't be fooled; these are sister cows. I kind of wonder if the two establishments pooled their money and bought them in bulk. (Two is bulk when you're talking about cows.)

cow on sign

What's nice about traveling on your own is that you can stop in random places to take photos and nobody's there to think you're nuts. I stopped in the middle of the road to take this:

home from ithaca

And also this. It was a really beautiful day and yes, I was listening to Oklahoma!, how did you know?

seneca lake

Since I had an entire afternoon to make a two-hour drive, I stopped in Geneva and sat by Seneca Lake for a little while. It could not have been more pleasant.

seneca lake shore

Just a bit south of Canandaigua there's a steel company that has a magnificently oversized suit of armor in front of it:


After that, I stopped at a farm market and bought some fresh veggies, home-grown strawberries, and Amish jam. As there was a Wegmans on my way home, I bought some crumpets, and had a very satisfactory albeit rather odd dinner. A lovely end to a lovely weekend, during which I accidentally forgot to take any pictures. The only photo I have is from The Clergy, who kindly photographed the old-fashioned soda fountain that we went to.

Green's Pharmacy Soda Fountain

It was at this counter that a strange elderly man sat next to me, babbled for a while, and then, although I had tried to be as unfriendly as I possibly could, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Have a happy Fourth of July! Don't rob any banks." I did, and I didn't.


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely summer afternoon pictures. I'm glad you were able to amble (figuratively) your way home and stop to smell the roses (also figuratively).

We're all waiting to hear about the bank job next, though.

The Clergy said...


Monsignor doesn't allow us much computer time.

I'm not sure what's better, the cows, the suit of armor, or that you saw both during a relatively short trip. Wait, no, it's clearly the third.

The Clergy said...

Also, your post is full of lies because you obviously have the photo I, the Clergy, took of you, the Simon.