Monday, September 17, 2012

This Post Contains Goats (!)

This is a list of things I enjoyed on my trip to Vermont in July.


Quiet. (Please note I do not enjoy bugs, however, which is why there's a screen between me and this.)


Fresh eggs. (My god, they are beauties.)


Long paths. (On hot days the path can reach up to a mile.)


Quaint houses. (I don't go in for country-style wreaths, usually, but I like this one.)


Tea and cake.

Technically, these last three photos have been from New Hampshire. This one is from Burdick's in Walpole, which is a classy establishment that sells deluxe chocolates and fancy pastries and tea in funny tea bags. The tea comes in cups and saucers with CHOCOLATE and BURDICK on them which I covet because the font is SO BEAUTIFUL. They also let you draw on the tables. Here is the conversation Daniel and I had about my snail (which I drew upside-down for a perfectly sensible reason that I do not care to explain). Reconstructed conversation regarding the snail:

Daniel: Now, wait. Snails don't have legs.
Me: It's evolving.
Daniel: [a snort signifying a desire for table drawings to be scientifically accurate thank you]
Me: [a giggle signifying that there's no talking sense to me when I'm having tea and cake]


GOATS! I'm very excited that Daniel has GOATS! and perhaps will eventually have goat CHEESE! which is second only to the GOATS! themselves. They're friendly like puppies and even enjoy chewing on your fingers and being scratched. If I could figure out how to post video, I would show you how they like to stand on things and how totally awkward and graceless and adorable they are. Please take my word for it that GOATS! are fantastic.

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