Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Staple-Free Stapler

My sister gave me this stapler last Christmas, or the Christmas before, meaning I have been intending to post about it for a year or maybe two. It doesn't make much difference because either way I'm really behind. Anyway, isn't it beautiful? Taking this picture felt like doing a glamor shot of a Ferrari.

Here is how it staples. Front view:

Back view:

It's really quite ingenious, and holds the papers together quite well unless you're really violent with them, which I rarely am. An added benefit is that it's very light, so if you feel you cannot travel without a stapler, you could take it with you everywhere and not know you were carrying it. The only disadvantage is that it definitely does not double as a blunt instrument, so if you are being burgled, your best bet is a regular stapler, hole-punch, or paperweight. If you are not at your desk, I don't know what you'll do. I suppose most lamp bases would probably work. If you are in the kitchen your options should be obvious. But for desk-related defense, be advised this is not the tool for you. Other than that, thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

This is very cool - looks like something that should be in the Museum of Modern Art. Perhaps the workers there actually have these on their desks instead of mundane and ordinary staplers.

Simon said...

I certainly hope so. It is quite stylish. I almost want to wear it in my hair.