Friday, November 19, 2010

By the way

Remember when this happened? In case you're too lazy to click on that link (I know I am), I am referring to the time that somebody drove into the Masonic Temple with his car and broke one of the columns. WELL, after six months of a very ugly temporary structure holding up the sagging roof, there is finally a new column. I didn't take a picture because it looks just like the old column. Except that the cement base is just a block, and not as fancy as the other bases. Maybe they're working on that. Probably not, though. This town is run by people who think fake brick is an acceptable replacement for real brick. Philistines. Anyway. Just thought you all would like to know how relieved I am that I no longer have to look at orange construction fencing out half of my windows now.


Christi said...

just thought you'd like to know, every time I open my google reader, this entry was at the top and said "By they way ... Simon and Ivan like tha moon."

And it made me giggle.

Christi said...

Correction... "By the* way."

Simon said...

LOL. Just thought you'd want to know... we like tha moon.

Anonymous said...

I have since gone past this location, and see the change. I have not looked closely at the post, but it looks a lot like the original one. Wonder if they fixed it up (or perhaps it did not need much fixing). The concrete blocks are definitely a step down from the original supports, not that those are anything to brag about either.

Since it is at the main intersection, one could hope that the town fathers will work to improve the appearance soon.

Better than scaffolding, I suppose.

Simon said...

Now that you mention it, it may not have needed much fixing. I remember that it was lying on the ground after the "incident" but I don't specifically recall it being broken. It could have just been knocked out. But that in case, you'd wonder why they didn't replace it months ago, considering the cement base isn't so fancy that it would have taken this long to make. I'll have to go over and inspect it some time.

Anyway, it is indeed far better than scaffolding.